• 5 Tips For Smart Hydration

    5 Tips For Smart Hydration
    5 Tips For Smart Hydration Here at Naked we take hydration seriously. Here are 5 tips to help maintain your hydration at any stage of your run.   1. Pack Options Bring 2 different hydration options on your journey. We recommend one flask with water and another flask with your personal choice of electrolyte enhancement. Our Vests come with 2 x 500ml HydraPak flasks...
  • Caroline Runs Naked

    Caroline Runs Naked
    We recently had the opportunity to catch up with our Naked ambassador Caroline Himbert. She shared with us her personal story on what drives her to #RunNaked as well as her favorite place to do so. Read more below. What helps you get out of bed and run? What drives you? To be honest: Sometimes it is not easy at all! And that is absolutely okay!...
  • Ian & Fran Run Naked

    Ian & Fran Run Naked
    We recently interviewed Naked athletes Ian and Fran. Together they travel across the world and share their passion of ultra trail running. Over the years these two have inspired many and are now together taking on the world as a loving couple. They shared with us how they found their passion for running, how they met and why they love to #runnaked. Read the...
  • Shannon Mahre Runs Free

    Shannon Mahre Runs Free
    Our Naked ambassador Shannon Mahre is a strong advocate for women. She's an athletic coach at Girls With Grit, a mother, wife, athlete, photographer and writer. While her schedule is busy, we recently found time to connect and learn where and why she loves to #runnaked.   What helps you get out of bed, what is your motivation? As a mom of two boys (5 years and...
  • What Drives Michael Fung To Run Free

    What Drives Michael Fung To Run Free
      Our Naked ambassador Michael Fung, a top performing OCR race athlete, has shared with us what inspires him to keep going and his personal favorite place to #runfree.  Naked: What is your motivation? MF: For me as an athlete, it is that urge to continually seek improvements that drive me out of bed every day. Knowing that every night when I go to...
  • 5 Best Places To Run Naked In LA

    5 Best Places To Run Naked In LA
    Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Running, unhindered and hands free in this hot climate is where the concept of Naked was born. This lush metropolis is filled with gorgeous landscapes that inspire and motivate. So many of you run Naked in the LA area that we made a list of our 5 favorite spots to #runfree. 1.The Los Leones to Parker Mesa Trail...
  • Run Naked With Your Dog

    Run Naked With Your Dog
      5 Tips For Running With Your Furry Friend   1. WARM-UP Running with a dog may require preparation. Warming up is always a great way to ease into a long run with your dog. Leading your pet requires calmness and structure. Your dog’s ability to follow certain commands is vital for a relaxed run-walk. Creating a warm up routine and utilizing a treat...
  • Sean Burgess Sets The Guinness World Record With Naked.

    Sean Burgess Sets The Guinness World Record With Naked.
    On 2 March 2021, Sean Burgess set off on a 7-day journey that took him from the Saudi border in the Abu Dhabi Emirate to Fujairah on the east coast of the UAE. He crossed 7 emirates in 7 days and covered 650km by foot, setting the Guinness World Record for the ‘Fastest crossing of the United Arab Emirates on foot’. In collaboration with...
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