Brandon Dugi Runs Free

We recently ventured out into the desert of Page, Arizona to connect with Naked athlete Brandon Dugi. He shared with us some of his favorite spots to #RunFree. We also got to learn more about his Navajo heritage and his goals for the future on his journey as an athlete.


Can you tell us a little about your Water Initiative?


Many families are still living on the Navajo Nation with no running water and electricity. In order to care for the livestock and growing gardens, families have to haul hundreds of gallons of water in pick up trucks. Sometimes the trips can be 30mins to an hour from home. I started a GoFundMe page to raise money in hopes to buy water tanks for families that are in need of it.


You're an athletic coach here in your community, tell us more about your experience as a coach.


My favorite part about coaching is seeing the kids progress throughout the months. To have them see what they are capable of is something special to me. I also want the younger generation to see that our running program is fun and you can go places by being a part of it. I hope to motivate them to work hard and to join Xc/track.


Where do you love to #RunFree?

I have so many favorite spots to Run Free. The Rim Trail here in Arizona is awesome. It circles around the whole town and thru some incredible terrain.


What can’t you live without in your Naked Running Band?

I love to listen to music when I run! I usually always have my phone on me to play music. Also out here in Arizona, the sun is intense. I pack my water and sunglasses for most of my longer runs.


Why do you Run Naked?

I run Naked because the gear gives me the extra push to be a great runner. I can pack gels, water, and my phone. Sometimes I run long distances and forget it’s even there... the sizing is perfect.


What’s your favorite thing about the Naked HC Vest? 

I really love using the 350ml flasks with the Naked HC Vest on some of my longer runs. It fits perfect and has no bounce. I love the design as well.


What does it mean to you to #RunFree? 

Running is life. It’s part of my Navajo culture. Running for me is a great example of life. It’s hard and sometimes you want to give up, but if you push thru and don’t quit, you become strong and can face anything life throws at you. I run free to be an example for my community and to keep my culture alive.

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