Bryon Powell Runs Free

From Page, Arizona to the vast wilderness of Alaska, the Naked team, with bear spray in hand, struck out on an adventure with I Run Far’s, Bryon Powell. We followed along with Bryon thru bogs and streams to some of his favorite fishing spots where he taught us the art of Tenkara Fly Fishing and why he chooses Naked above all else.

Where is your favorite place to #RunFree and why?

Anywhere along a stream in Colorado. It means I'm probably looking up at majestic mountains and down at some fishy water!

Can you tell us more about the conservation project Running Rivers?

Running Rivers is a conservation non-profit that preserves and enhances cold freshwater ecosystems. We believe in Conservation Through Recreation!, which is why our main fundraisers are the ridiculously fun flythalon events.

Can you tell us more about Flyathon?

Flyathlons are Running Rivers's main fundraising events and the tagline Run. Fish. Beer. does the events justice. Each Flyathlon, of which there are three in-person events this year (as well as one virtual) that combine a trail race with flyfishing, with each flyathlete receiving a time bonus based the size and species of the fish caught.

What is your next big goal you’re setting off to achieve?

Well, I'm still aiming to break 30 hours in Hardrock, but I'll need to get in for that chance. Otherwise, I'd like to "fishslap" a 100 miler, with "fishslapping" being catching a fish during a normal running race. I've got a couple races in mind.

How do you use your Naked gear?

I've been using my Naked Running Band to combine running and fishing for a few years now. I can easily fit my phone and some simple flyfishing tackle in the belt's pockets and put my tenkara-style flyrod in the trekking pole loops. (Pro tip: A tenkara rod in it's fabric rod sock without its case fit well with the loops to the rear. I find placing my shirt tales over the ends of the rod helps keep it in place.)

Is there any advice you have for people getting into the running world?

Be patient. Resist the urge to ramp up your training and racing too quickly, even (or especially!) if you're feeling good. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

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