5 Tips For Smart Hydration

5 Tips For Smart Hydration

Here at Naked we take hydration seriously. Here are 5 tips to help maintain your hydration at any stage of your run.


1. Pack Options

Bring 2 different hydration options on your journey. We recommend one flask with water and another flask with your personal choice of electrolyte enhancement. Our Vests come with 2 x 500ml HydraPak flasks that are designed perfectly for this. We recommend switching between the two hydration options as you go, to maintain a balanced regenerative intake.


2. Distribute Weight

Distribute the weight of your hydration accessories equally on your body before and while you run. Our Naked Running Band and Vest are designed to proportionally distribute hydration accessories as you go.


3. Stay Cool

On those long hot treks support yourself by keeping your hydration cool. We recommend packing ice or freezing your filled bottles so they slowly melt as you go. This will cool you down while also keeping you hydrated.


4. Preparation Is Key

Pack for your specific adventure- not every run is the same. Always consider weather conditions, distance and terrain. Packing too much or too less will hold you back. Be smart and plan for the specific journey at hand.


5. Smart Gear

Accessories are meant to be simple and smart, not complicated. It’s not about how much gear you have but how it works for you. All of our Vests come with 2 x 500ml flasks which create a perfect balance of hydration amounts. Take it one step further by attaching our Drink Tube Kit. You’ll eliminate the need to remove flasks from the pockets keeping you focused on your run and maintaining your stride on the trail.

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