Caroline Runs Naked

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with our Naked ambassador Caroline Himbert. She shared with us her personal story on what drives her to #RunNaked as well as her favorite place to do so. Read more below.

What helps you get out of bed and run? What drives you?

To be honest: Sometimes it is not easy at all! And that is absolutely okay! But even on those days, going on a run reminds me of why I get up and run! It gives me power and energy for the rest of the day and it just feels great to get from A to B on your own feet.

What is your favorite place to go running and why? 

I love to go running in the high alpine areas. I love to have endless views of mountains and high alpine lakes. I love the challenge of running straight up the mountains

How does running free you?

We are so connected with having our phones, social media, emails, etc. that nature is the only place where I can get away from everything and take time for myself to recover and reenergize. 

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