• Brittany Peterson Runs Free

    Brittany Peterson Runs Free
    Brittany Peterson, elite ultra runner resides in Idaho where she shares her home with partner and fellow elite ultra runner Cody Lind and her 3 dogs. While working full time as an Occupational Therapist at the Idaho State University, Brittany still manages as a member of the Nike Trail team and Naked Sports team to travel the world (pre-COVID) competing in the world’s most...
  • Anja Petterson Runs Naked

    Anja Petterson Runs Naked
    In this weeks journal we get a look into the life of Naked athlete Anja Petterson. She gives us an inside look on how she continues to remain balanced and healthy during a pandemic while also being a mother to a new born. She lets us know how she runs Naked and gets the best performance with our Naked Running Vest. Read more below......
  • 5 Top Spots To Run Naked in NYC

    5 Top Spots To Run Naked in NYC
    The 5 Best Places Run Naked In New York City In the bustling city filled with millions of people, there's no shortage of amazing places to run Naked. With our large following in New York City, we compiled some of the best spots to #runfree in the concrete jungle.   1. Prospect Park     Prospect Park is an urban park in Brooklyn, New...
  • Billy White Runs Naked

    Billy White Runs Naked
    Naked Ambassador Billy White is a father, husband, runner, ultra cyclist and co-founder of Ornsberg Runners. Read more about where and why Billy loves to Run Naked. 1. What helps you get out of bed and run? What drives you? Early mornings are a joy! Whether it’s mid Winter and pitch black, though it can be hard to get out of bed, it’s always worth it! Putting...
  • Kent Luu Runs Naked

    Kent Luu Runs Naked
    Here is a look into Naked Sports Innovations ambassador Kent Wei Luu. He shares how his year has been going, his routine and how he uses his Naked gear to enrich his performance. Kent is originally from California and is currently based on the island of Penang, Malaysia. What is your biggest goal you are working to achieve? My biggest goal is to heal...
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