Billy White Runs Naked

Naked Ambassador Billy White is a father, husband, runner, ultra cyclist and co-founder of Ornsberg Runners. Read more about where and why Billy loves to Run Naked.

1. What helps you get out of bed and run? What drives you?

Early mornings are a joy! Whether it’s mid Winter and pitch black, though it can be hard to get out of bed, it’s always worth it! Putting on the head lamp and going out running in my own little world, the only thing that matters is the few meters illuminated around me. While here in Sweden, it’s light almost all the time during the summer months, so catching sunrise is almost impossible. A warm early morning run followed by a refreshing dip in a near-by lake... it’s hard to beat!


2. What is your favorite place to go running?

I love the forest trails that are just outside my door here, just South of Stockholm. Only a few miles away from the centre of the capital city, there is endless forest trails.


3. What moves you while you're in the zone trail running?

The light reflecting though the trees, the interactions with animals. The last long run I was on I disturbed a sounder of Wild Boar and saw a nesting pair of White tailed Eagles. The early morning bird songs...

Serious technical trails are my favorite. The roots, so many roots! The meditative concentration you need to stop you falling on your face.

The mosquitoes terrorizing you during the early summer months, they are great for making me keep a good pace!


4. What is your favorite Naked product?

Without a doubt my most used running gear is the Naked Running Band! Ever since I first got hold of one a few years back I’ve used it in almost every run, from quick 5k training runs to 100 mile mountain races.

I’m really looking forward to getting out on some longer runs this Autumn in the Naked HC Running Vest.


5. What goal are you currently working towards?

My current goal is to get back to full running fitness, after struggling with an achilles problem. For the last 18 months I’ve been mainly focusing on short runs and rehab. Just last week I finished a cycle race, the Sverigetempot, a 1300 mile race navigating the full length of Sweden. It starts at one of the most northern points in the Arctic Circle and finishes at the most southern tip. I signed up just two months from the start with very little cycling experience so it really was a baptism of fire in the ultra cycling world.

Now my aim is to get back out on the trails and hope for a big year of running in 2022!


6. How has being an athlete during the pandemic changed how you train?

With my commute runs being less I’ve tried my best to stick to the trails and avoid areas that I know will be busy. We are very fortunate that there is a lot of free outside gyms around the Stockholm area so I have been pretty consistent in having a couple of early morning gym sessions over the last 18 months.

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