Our Naked® Running Vests expand on the award-winning concept of the Naked® Running Band, already loved by athletes of all shapes, sizes, and finishing times in 50+ countries (and counting!). Made with same high-quality materials and high-performing features as its predecessor, the vest lets you carry even more on your longest runs. And, unlike competing products, you can do it with comfort and efficiency. 

In fact, this ultra running vest does so much more than traditional vests or back packs. It carries more, fits better, and was specifically designed with the male and female anatomy in mind. With Naked Sports Innovations, function follows form!




  • Breathable Comfort

    Like its Running Band sibling, the Naked® Running Vest is made from the incredibly breathable, quick-drying, cooling, and non-chafing Naked® Power Mesh. Go ahead and put ice cubes in the pockets to reduce your core temperature (or, if you prefer, hot pockets to warm yourself up!).
  • Precision Fit

    Unlike other running vests on the market, ours actually stays put. The snug-fitting material provides more capacity, with zero sag and no bounce—even when wet. It weighs in at only 3.5 oz., and with pockets on the front, sides, and back, it has a whopping 3+ liters of capacity.

  • Innovative Design

    Unlike a traditional running hydration vest, the Naked® ultra running vest uses no straps of any kind across the chest. You’ll immediately notice the even, tension-free weight distribution and easier breathing.

  • Room for Whatever

    With the inventive, grab-go-and-stow design, you can carry and access everything you need on your run. Poles, food, clothing, sunglasses, flasks (any model will work), and reservoirs (with drink tube locks) are all secure and within reach.

  • Safe and Sound

    With reflective elements and a shock-cord-mounted whistle, you’ll feel safe on every run. Plus, an internal micro clip and tabs let you keep your keys and other valuables close-by.  




shopvests-10.jpg shopvests-11.jpg








Simply measure the widest circumference of your chest and select the correct size according to the chart below. If you’re unsure or even slightly over a whole inch, always go up one size. Remember if you order the wrong size we can always exchange it for a different one as long as all of the tags remain on!

*please see our policy section on returns and exchanges.









Take care of your Naked® products and they will take care of you! FOR BEST RESULTS: Hand wash only in cold water and use mild hand soap if really needed. Please do not dry clean or use fabric softener. Just let it dry flat and there’s no need to iron as it (and you) will look good anyway!



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