Brittany Peterson Runs Free

Brittany Peterson, elite ultra runner resides in Idaho where she shares her home with partner and fellow elite ultra runner Cody Lind and her 3 dogs.

While working full time as an Occupational Therapist at the Idaho State University, Brittany still manages as a member of the Nike Trail team and Naked Sports team to travel the world (pre-COVID)

competing in the world’s most difficult race series. From racing on the International Sky Running series (she finished 3rd overall in 2018) to such iconic races as the UTMB in France to finishing 2nd in the US’s 2019 Western States 100.

Brittany is certainly one of the big names to watch for.

If that all isn’t inspiring enough, Brittany manages to carve out time as a sought after coach. She shares her knowledge and expertise with runners of all levels worldwide. Each summer Brittany and Cody also hold a running camp focusing on high mountain running skills.

When not competing Brittany continues to train with long base endurance miles, specific speed drills and into the gym to work on maintaining strong core strength. 

Read her interview below!

What is your biggest goal you are working to achieve?

I have several goals. A few that are long-term general goals and then several that are specific. First, to continue to keep running fun and positive. To not get too wrapped up in results, etc to where running turns into a job versus something I am so fortunate to be able to do. With that goal also comes goals to stay healthy, reduce risk of injury and continue to promote longevity in my career. My specific goals - 2020 has obviously been filled with cancellations. My fall goal is to go after the Rim to Rim To Rim FKT in the Grand Canyon (this November). This will be a tough challenge but I’m excited to chase a competitive history of talented runners and see where I end up with a hard effort. Then I’ll be focusing on hopeful events in 2021, with western states and UTMB being the focal races. Racing well amongst some of the best runners of the world is a fun challenge.

How often do you train?

I generally train 6 days a week. 1 day off weekly. Some of these days include two-a-days of running or adding in cross training (mountain biking or swimming primarily). I try to do my core routine daily which is a variety of strength, mobility, activation type drills that focuses on injury prevention.

What’s your pre run routine?

If I was truly diligent, I would do glute activation exercises regularly prior to a run, but time for this can be limiting, so it doesn’t always happen! :) So a more realistic pre run routine is getting my dogs hyped up (all 3 howling) and excited to go for a run!

What is your routine for post work out rehabilitation?

I have a PT I see regularly and my routine changes based on areas I need to focus on. I regularly stretch hip flexors, quads, IT band/TFL, calves. I regularly do glute activation exercises - bridges, single leg squats, etc. I regularly work on my feet - MOBO board, toe yoga, proprioception exercises. Then I cycle through a bunch of other exercises to try to get a balanced routine!

Any special tips or diet that helps your performance?

I don’t follow any special diet. I am happier and healthier when I can eat whatever I want. I exercise moderation with foods such as sweets, but ice cream is an important part of my diet! :) I focus on hydration, post-workout recovery foods and utilize supplements such as iron, vitamin c, and turmeric to keep inflammation down, iron levels stable and my Immune system strong.

How do your naked products help your specific performance?

The Naked Running Band has been the best waist belt type product that I’ve ever used. I can use it as a true waist belt to carry hydration and nutrition and know it won’t bounce and will be comfortable. But also, and most important to me, is that the naked band is THE BEST way to carry poles. It is the most efficient way of storing and retrieving my poles in a race environment but is also very comfortable to wear for endless hours racing or just playing in the mountains.

Any upcoming events in your life you wish to share with us?

Nothing too crazy! R2R2R attempt November 2020 TBD.

What is your favorite naked performance product?

Running band 

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