Anja Petterson Runs Naked

In this weeks journal we get a look into the life of Naked athlete Anja Petterson. She gives us an inside look on how she continues to remain balanced and healthy during a pandemic while also being a mother to a new born. She lets us know how she runs Naked and gets the best performance with our Naked Running Vest. Read more below...

photo courtesy of @jonjonckers

Full name and location.

Anja (Goetzinger) Petterson, Wenatchee WA

What is your biggest goal you are working to achieve?

Currently my only goal is to care and love on our newborn! Raise him up to have a love for the outdoors as much as I do!

How often do you train?

Currently it’s quite low! With lack of sleep and a tad out of shape (all relative to where I was pre pregnancy), I’m currently training for about an hour a day. Not following anything specific other than getting my endurance and speed back up... which basically is keeping to an aerobic pace. My motto has always been to train slow to run fast. Prior to the birth of our son, I thrived on high mileage (100 mile weeks), but I may just have to change that up a bit in the future. I’m in a season now where caring for my family comes before training... and I LOVE IT!!

What’s your pre run routine?

Coffee of course! Plus a little snack. A banana and peanut butter is my go to. If I’m doing a big deal race, I’ll paint my nails the day before and take a relaxing bath. As of the last 6 weeks, my number one can’t do without pre run routine is making sure my baby’s belly is happy and full (breastfeeding and being an athlete at the same time is a new juggle!)

What is your routine for post work out rehabilitation?

I find that walking is my favorite way to cool down. It is a great way to get the hip flexors to relax after stressing them on the run. Then I make sure I get calories and hydrate myself! If I’ve got time, I’ll spend a good 5-10 minutes on the foam roller. Before my runs, I do like to get my glutes activated with a little hip/bum resistance workout. I find that my form stays stronger, thus is seen as preventative care

What special tips or diet routines can you share that helps your performance?

Number one number one NUMBER ONE tip that I tell people is to EAT ENOUGH! we live in a culture that prides ourself on restriction, but when you’re an endurance athlete... especially as an ultra runner who’d train 100 mile weeks, there is no such thing as cutting calories. It will mess with your recovery. Quality of nutrients is important, but I also make sure to enjoy some treats on occasion!

How do your Naked products help your specific performance?

Ah, the minimalism of it! As someone who is already a neutral/barefoot runner, my body has always thrived off of less! I love that the products stay put and don’t shake around. They feel as if they are an extension of my body... that way I can focus on the run and not have to worry myself with constant adjusting

Any upcoming events in your life you wish to share with us?

Haha, currently my events are all centered around cuddles! With the current pandemic situation and lack of races in my area, I’d love to chase a couple FKTs once I get my previous body back. As far as “farther” future, I’d love to tackle the 2:45 marathon

What is your favorite Naked performance product?

The vest! Fits like a sports bra, yet can stretch and hold an insane amount. Not only do I use it on short and fast runs, I could see myself racing 100ks and up with this no problem! 

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