Shannon Mahre Runs Free

Our Naked ambassador Shannon Mahre is a strong advocate for women. She's an athletic coach at Girls With Grit, a mother, wife, athlete, photographer and writer. While her schedule is busy, we recently found time to connect and learn where and why she loves to #runnaked.


What helps you get out of bed, what is your motivation?

As a mom of two boys (5 years and 10 months) and a business owner (2 coaching companies and a media company), the morning hours are the only ones that are just for me during the day. They are my freedom, they are what keep me strong. Taking that time for myself not only helps keep me on track for my athletic goals, but also help me to be the best mother, wife and business owner I can possibly be. Also… I really look forward to my coffee when my alarm goes off at 4am every morning. :)

What is your favorite place to run?

My favorite place to go running is up high in the mountains in the late summer when the snow has melted and the bugs are gone… being up high, seeing mountains, trees, valleys and lakes as far as the eye can see… there really is nothing like it. The forest comes in at a close second.

What about this place inspires you?

As a ski coach and athlete in the winter, the mountains I love to run in during the summer/fall are the mountains that I coach at during the winter. These places have a special place in my heart because they not only are beautiful during every single season, but because many of the best memories of my life that I have are from coaching as well as adventuring with my husband, family and friends in those same mountains. I’m a mountain girl… through and through.

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