What Drives Michael Fung To Run Free


Our Naked ambassador Michael Fung, a top performing OCR race athlete, has shared with us what inspires him to keep going and his personal favorite place to #runfree. 

Naked: What is your motivation?

MF: For me as an athlete, it is that urge to continually seek improvements that drive me out of bed every day. Knowing that every night when I go to bed I am a better athlete than when I wake up.

Naked: Where's your favorite place to Run Naked?

MF: One of my favorite places to run is actually a trail nearby my house. It is a trail that goes all the way up to the peak and back down a steep rocky/sandy terrain. I just love that feeling of coming down with pace after a hard climb up to the top.

Naked: What inspires you about this special place?

MF: I think it is a mix between urban and nature, where one side of the mountain you see all the tall buildings and on the other side you have a view of hills and valleys. This is something special about trails in Hong Kong where you get a nice blend between nature and city. 

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