Gediminas Runs Free

Here at Naked we honor those who overcome challenges. Gediminas Grinius has experienced the multitudes of life, from being an active member in the war, coming home with PTSD and finding a way forward thru the outlet of ultra trail running. This is his story. We are proud to have Gedi on our team and support his journey of living a meaningful life.

Gediminas Grinius is an amazing father of two. His children are a huge part of his life. With the help and blessing of his wife, she has supported his journey for 10 years going strong. He started ultra-running as treatment, which helped him cope with PDSD after an intense military mission in Iraq. Ultra running became a release for him, a constant routine that allowed his mind to find peace amongst the chaos. Eventually he wanted to run further and longer, his mind required new challenges and this is how he found trail running. After the first taste of ultra trail running he was hooked. Years later and many achievements accomplished, Gediminas is a successful owner of Trail Running Factory, he's a sought after running coach and an advocate for finding ways forward thru PTSD. He has fulfilled speaking engagements where he as inspired others with his story. From PTSD to setting world records. Below is a list of some of his achievements. Follow along with his journey on instagram, his website as well as facebook. We are grateful to have Gediminas on our team running Naked. 

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