What does your local trail mean to you?

What does your local trail mean to you?

Our small company is based on an even smaller island tucked away in the Pacific Northwest Coast. Carved deep out of this glaciated place is a trail called Shinglemill Creek. Named for the massive Cedar trees that were cut down and turned into Cedar shingles, this little stream is one of two Salmon spawning creeks here on the island.

Shinglemill trail is almost always wet… polishing the cedar tree roots to skating rink like smoothness. The trail is 2 miles in length and packs a short, yet steep 400’ in elevation gain. An off-branching trail forms an additional loop with the trail head, providing an extra 0.5 miles, if desired. The true challenge of this trail, however, lies in its technical terrain. Massive cedar roots and rocks, downed trees, slick and narrow staircases and networks of streams that disrupt the trail all combine with its punchy up and down nature that follows the haggard stream to its mouth at the entrance to Puget Sound.

There is plenty of beauty to accompany your journey along the trail as well.. when you’re able to break away from watching your footing that is. Giant cedars and moss encrusted alders tower over the landscape, while verdant and ubiquitous ferns cover the ground until they are overrun by nettles in the spring. The sounds of the creek and the distant Ravens lull you into a coastal meditation as it zig zags, drops and climbs, testing your ability to move your feet like a dancer. It is a truly beautiful and technical trail.

It has become our personal product testing ground. Shinglemill trail has witnessed many prototypes flashing up and down its path, helping us create and build the best gear for you to use on your favorite trail.


Most of all, it’s a seldom used trail minutes from our design center. The perfect place for a lunchtime run, or a decompressing romp after the office closes.

Where is your favorite trail and where does it take you?


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