The Runner's Challenge

by Lindsay Dakota, Naked Sports Innovations Co-founder.

It’s a new year. The alarm goes off and I fumble to silence it.  It’s so dark that I can’t see outside but I know what the weather is like already…just from the sound of the rain beating against the roof above my head. Thoughts filling my mind of putting on soggy running shoes from yesterday’s run makes me turn over and drift back to sleep…

I’m a motivationally challenged runner these days. The time between each run seems to widen. From day to day and even week to week. No running.

There was a time when I committed my entire life to training and competing. My Warrior phase. From auto racing, alpine ski racing, rock climbing to competitive road cycling. I did it all. The faster and more dangerous the better. It calmed me. Every day I would be up before the sun rose implementing brutal training regimens. If it was ski racing, I would be climbing higher as the temperatures got warmer in search of a meager patch of snow.

My competitiveness and my desire to get stronger and faster is all that mattered. Almost to a fault. But damn, it was fun.

As I approach the elder phase (ugh!) of my life, I can look back and relish in my past glory and competitive life, but I don’t so much. My insatiable curiosity for adventure and the unknown remains, but not with the intensity it once held. 

I guess in retrospect that’s why I Co-founded Naked Sports Innovations. Could I create something that enhanced my experiences while running out in the mountains? Would running, hiking and xc skiing be more fun if I had less to think about gear wise? I found out yes.

As my desire to beat the guy next to me as we lined up for a race waned, my desire to find peace, solitude…and myself came to the fore.

The idea of the Running Band came to me while on a casual, meditative run. The burnout from competing was real at the time, and I just wanted to, no needed to, go out for a simple, easy run. I needed to carry stuff to stay safe and hydrated but I did not want to think about it. I only wanted to hear my breathing and my surroundings.

The demands of building and growing a global brand places a high priority on balance. I joke that starting a running / outdoor brand killed my running. But in reality, it’s made me appreciate the few days I get to be able to disappear into the forest or the high, surrounding mountains for a meditative run.

With the start of this new year, follow along with me as we lay out, through a series of emails some inspiration and guidance. Whether you are a seasoned or beginner runner, our hope is to offer some support where you may need it…at least we can take the guesswork out of your gear. If you are a motivationally challenged runner like me, my hope is that you can find renewed love for this amazing sport.  Tomorrow is a new day.

To help you get a running start into the new year, we're offering 20% off when you use the code RUN20 at checkout.

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