Enhancing Your Run

By Lindsay Dakota, Naked Sports Innovations Co-founder

Last week, we discussed the challenges one might face in staying inspired as a recreational runner. For our final week, we’re going to tie all of this and hopefully give you some ideas of how your gear can help you have a more successful, and enjoyable experience as a runner. 

As a runner, sometimes it can be challenging to really get into your run. One thing that will almost certainly distract you is carrying things on your person as you run. Big clunky running packs or even larger, heavy items in your pockets can be a nuisance to someone who’s trying to really focus on their run. Worst of all is having to carry something in your hand because you don’t have any pockets at all. For someone who’s just going for shorter runs, or even just running at a local track, this might not really be that big of an issue, as you likely don’t have to carry much on you as you run, but even just the typical phone and keys can sometimes still pose a challenge in figuring out the best way to take those with you efficiently. 

I’ve tried lots of different things over the years- stashing things in my pockets, carrying things in my hands, even a lightweight drawstring bag, and none of them really made for a great experience. Since phones have gotten bigger over the years, they tend to bounce all over the place in your pocket while you run, unless you’re wearing something that’s tight fitting that will hold it more in place as you move. Clunky packs can also move around and create chafing and even work against you as you run. 

So, why does this matter? What might you need to carry with you? Well, that depends on some different factors. To start, if you’re just going for a 2-3 mile run around the neighborhood, then you might not need more than just your phone and keys in case of an emergency, and to be able to listen to music as you run. As you start to approach longer runs, then you’ll want to consider carrying some other essential items with you as well. A general rule of thumb is that it’s a good idea to carry some kind of hydration with you for anything over an hour long run. Now, obviously weather conditions can factor into this, if you’re going for a shorter run but it’s a really hot day, then you might want to bring some water with you, even if you’re not running for very long. Don’t let the cold weather fool you either, hydration is just as important in the winter months as it is in the summer months. Water is still fuel for our bodies, all the same as any other food we eat, regardless of climate. Another common essential to consider carrying for longer runs is snacks and/or gels. You can find all sorts of little snacks to carry with you that can be packed easily and offer a lot of fuel even in smaller quantities. Safety items could be essential as well. If you’re going for a run into the mountains, maybe some kind of air horn, or whistle would be good to bring with you. The list can go on and on, but that’s just to give you some ideas.

So, this brings us back to the question of how then do you carry all your essentials with you in a way that’s efficient, no matter what distance you’re running? Well, to start, all Naked products are constructed with non-chafing, bounce resistant Exopower mesh. You can carry your phone and keys in one of our Original Running Bands and forget it’s even there. This is what I find myself using the most these days. Same goes for the HC Vest. You could pack a couple of our 500mL flasks, a rain jacket, your poles, some snacks, gels and more for your longer runs and still not feel them bouncing around like you would with some other running packs/vests. Throw in one of our drink tube kits with a Naked soft flask and you can have hands free hydration at your disposal. Our 350mL and 500mL soft flasks both also fit in the Original and SL running bands as well. 

Sometimes trying new gear can also serve as a source of inspiration to get out there and run. You can enhance your experience and make running even more enjoyable. Maybe you’ve been wanting to listen to that audiobook you’ve been curious about but haven’t found a good way to carry your phone with you. Our Running Bands would be a perfect solution for this. Getting a new pair of running shoes is also one of the best feelings. There’s nothing quite like the spring of a new shoe. The Naked T/r Trail Racing Shoe is super lightweight and responsive, making it a really fast and fun shoe to hit the trail with. One telltale sign that it’s time for a new pair of running shoes is if your legs are starting to consistently feel particularly fatigued, even at the beginning of your run, making you feel like you’re having to work harder than you normally would to hit your usual pace. Now, new shoes aren’t always the solution to this, but when it is, getting a new pair of shoes will feel like they came with a fresh pair of legs too. If you’ve been thinking about crossing over from road running into trail running, or even just hiking, one of our HC Vests could be the perfect thing to help inspire this new routine. They have more than enough carrying capacity to be able to pack everything you’ll need for a longer trail run, or even a day on a hike in the mountains. 

Hopefully we’ve helped you find some new ways of staying inspired on your journey as a runner over the course of this series. At the very least, we hope we’ve offered some relatable experiences to let you know that you’re not alone in some of the challenges you face as a runner. 

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