Vic Johnson


I’m a sports nutrition coach for outdoor athletes, working primarily
with trail runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers and other mountain
athletes. I have degrees in psychology, public health, and dietetics.
I’ve eaten a primarily plant based diet for over 15 years and have
competed in endurance sports since high school. I love helping athletes
achieve their ultimate potential in their sport through sustainable
nutrition and fueling.



Grand Traverse dual sport (ultra marathon and mountain bike race): 1st place.
Flagstaff Sky Peaks 50k: 2nd place.
Antelope Canyon 50 miler: 3rd place.
Katcina Mosa 100k: 2nd place.
Completion of several other ultra-marathons, cycling races, and triathlons.


Goals for 2023:  

Get better at skiing so I can compete in the Grand Traverse ski portion.
Speedgoat 50k.
Tushars 100k (maybe).
Do some fast trail marathons/ halves.
Don't let dad bod get me.


Favorite Naked product:

the OG Naked Running Band is tough to beat, although the HC Vest is growing on me rapidly.



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