If you’re a runner, you know that a lot goes into a good run. Sure, you need some great running shoes, a good set of lungs, maybe some music. But above all, you need to stay hydrated. That’s not so easy to do when you’re on the move—especially if you’re inultra-trail, marathon, and triathlon training. That’s why we created the Naked® Running Band—the first hydration pack of its kind. 

This high-performance, mega-capacity running belt has a four-way exclusive Power Mesh band for your hydration flask. But it offers so much more! The Naked® running waist belt is the lightest, most breathable, non-chafing, bounce-resistant, and versatile product of its kind. And available in a full range of sizes from 1 to 12 (28" to 39" or 71 cm to 99 cm), we have the perfect waist band waiting for you!




It’s true. A running fanny pack is just uncomfortable, and it really doesn’t carry things efficiently. With three individual pockets (opening with easy pull tabs) and elastic loops in the back, the Naked® Running Band can carry so much more—and keep you hydrated the whole time.

Simply put your feet through the continuous loop band and slide it up and over your hips. No further adjustment of the waist pack is required. There’s room for your water, phone, keys, sunglasses, and more. And the best part? You won’t even notice it’s there!

So, run hard, fast, and free. Run Naked®.



Naked® Running Band is available in a broad range of sizes - from 1 to 12 - corresponding to waist/hip measurements from 28" to 39" (71 cm to 99 cm) according to how you prefer to wear it. See our video below on how to fit!  


To find the perfect fit for you, simply measure the circumference of your waist where you want to wear your band (up high on your waist, on your hips, or low over your butt) and select the correct size according to the charts below. Consider, the measurement taken will be where the top of the running band will sit. If you are unsure or even slightly over a whole inch, always go up one size. Remember, it is a high performance compression garment so don't suck your tummy in or hold your breath while measuring. Sizing is unrelated to your regular pants size. If you order the wrong size, just return it and we will gladly exchange it for you!*

*please see our policy section on returns and exchanges.





Take care of your Naked® products and they will take care of you! FOR BEST RESULTS: Hand wash only in cold water and use mild hand soap if really needed. Please do not dry clean or use fabric softener. Just let it dry flat and there’s no need to iron as it (and you) will look good anyway!


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