Stephanie Buettner


Stephanie is a Pose Running Technique Specialist and a Licensed Sports Massage Therapist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and certified in Functional Movement Techniques.

She worked in various sports rehab settings and was the official massage therapist to the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football team.

Stephanie is an Ultra Marathoner and endurance running is her passion.



My 2nd Ultramarathon, Javelina 100, just missed 24 hr. but to date my fastest 100
Doing Ultras (100 miles) without crews or pacers.


Goals for 2023:  

This year is all about trail racing.
Upcoming events:
March: Trail trashed Full marathon in Nevada 
May: Pine 50K, AZ
July: Tushar, Utah 70k
October: SOMO 50K, CA


Favorite Naked product:

Naked High Capacity Vest.
Perfect for long trainings runs and Ultras. Enough pockets for nutrition and my favorite, loops for my trekking poles.
Comfortable wear without chafing. 



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