Ryan Steiner


Ryan Steiner is an autistic runner and advocate. He is passionate about running and making sure that the sport is accessible to everyone. One way that he does this is by pushing his daughter in a running wheelchair he calls the chariot. Seventeen years ago, he weighed over 750 pounds and was told he wouldn’t be capable of maintaining meaningful connections with other humans. Back then, he ran slower than some people walk—although you wouldn’t know this today if you saw him run by you out on the trails. One of Ryan’s favorite quotes is “true change happens at the edge of your comfort zone.”



Making meaningful and lasting human connections within the running community.
Being a Father and Husband.
Becoming an Ultra Runner.
Completing the Hennepin 50k while pushing Kala.


Goals for 2023:  

Run a PR at Hennepin 50K while pushing Kala.
Develop stronger friendships through volunteering at races and pacing runners.
Complete 50K in 6 hours at the Hawthorn Half Day Ultra.

Favorite Naked product:

The high capacity running vest because it is like wearing a hug and there is always room for everything I need. 



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