Naked® Exopower mesh was developed in concert with our ethos for creating and designing the lightest, strongest and most breathable products available for the most demanding athletes whether elite or casual. 

Our Exopower mesh has proven to be the ideal minimalist base in which to build our high performance hydration vests and waist bands from. Using Exopower mesh, we are able to truly explore design and build options that have never before been attempted. By integrating our designs with Exopower mesh we have found the ideal exoskeleton concept in which to create products that meet the demands of endurance athletes. 

Lightweight, no bounce, non-chafing, highly breathable, and able to function whether dry or wet



The direction we take in our designs is in complete opposition of what other brands attempt.

Because of our Exopower mesh, we have chosen a different path to explore. We can now dream of what is possible and not what is impossible. 

Naked® Exopower mesh makes it possible.

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