Brandon Dugi 


Country: USA / Navajo Nation
Specialty: Ultra Trail

IG: brandon_runz

As a competitive ultra runner and coach for his hometown’s high school XC team, Brandon continues in the legacy of the extraordinary Navajo running tradition. Running the foothills and canyons of his beloved LeChee, Arizona, Brandon begins every morning with a shout to the Great Spirit and a solitary run in the early morning before the sun fully rises. Taking time from his running, Brandon explores and photographs the supernatural landscapes of Northern Arizona. Water in the high desert is critical but sparse. To support traditional Navajo farming and ranching, Brandon has setup a fund to help make it easier to acquire water for livestock. 

Please help and go to Brandon’s Go Fund Me page: 

Tó éí ‘inna ate - Water is Life #DinéBikéyah

Favorite Naked product: Men’s HC Running Vest and Original Running Band



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