Naked® Running Vest - Men's

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The ultra light, superfast and highly breathable Naked Running Vest for men establishes the standard for the future of medium to long distance hydration vests. Run free but carry what you need.


  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Extremely supportive while not impeding breathing
  • Naked® Exopower non chafing, bounce resistant mesh
  • Lightweight (3.5oz)
  • Holds multiple brands and sizes of hydration flasks in 100% useable space
  • Carry everything you need from food, fuel, clothing and accessories, including trekking poles
  • Reflective safety elements
  • Internal micro clip and emergency whistle
  • Drink tube locks
  • Full gender specific range of 12 sizes


Comes with two, 500 ml. soft Naked Running Band Hydration Flasks.


For more information on the product, and selecting your perfect fit from among our twelve sizes available, go to the:

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Naked® Running Vest - Men's


Naked® Running Vest - Men's


Customer Reviews

8 Reviews
  • Great Concept - Good Execution

    Posted by Tom B on Jul 15th 2020

    After seeing a review of this vest, I was very interested (the band drew me in, and I ended up researching the vest). I like the simplicity of the item (no chest straps to tinker with, no zippers, etc), and the materials are great for this type of item. My only real complaint would be that I find it a bit difficult to get in and out of the back pouch, but the tabs on all of the pockets really helps with access (it's really how I would pull the back of the pack into position so I could get stuff in/out of it without removing the vest). It's a bit shorter than other vests, but I did miss that lower pocket that you can reach without going over the shoulders (as found on packs on the Salomon line and such). My only other minor complaint was that with the larger pockets for everything, nothing really stays put. The reason this wasn't a major annoyance, things seemed to find comfortable places to settle in, or I was able to move things around within these pockets to get them into comfortable positions (a good example is 1/2 empty flasks in the front pockets, even FULL ones can decide to go a different direction).
    These suggestions are pretty minor for me. My first run with this was a 17 mile, 4500 ft gain (and 4500 ft descent) run, and I really enjoyed the pack. Considering I haven't had a lot of time to really dial in how I use and pack the vest, I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it was and I expect this to be my go-to vest unless I need to carry more than what it is designed to carry (which is more than it seems at first glance).

  • Prenda deportiva

    Posted by Alejandro Velázquez on Jul 6th 2020

    Chaleco para correr

  • And I thought the belt was good!

    Posted by Chris Pauls on Jun 14th 2020

    I purchased a Naked Running Belt last year after watching a Billy Yang film in which he wore it and swore by it. I’ve loved the belt, but as I’m ticking off bigger miles unsupported in the mountains, I felt the belt was getting a bit overloaded with 3 flasks, food, phone, poles, etc. , so I took a chance on the vest. This thing might be the best piece of gear EVER!

    Things I like: simplicity (no straps, buckles, zippers, clasps or other extraneous do-dads dangling off the thing), fit (I have to wonder if I could have gone 1 size down from what I actually measure, but the fit is pretty exceptional, more like a garment than a pack), ease of carry (everything just fits neatly in it and stays put. Lindsay from Naked Sports mentioned tying a string to items in the back to pull them out, which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it), quality (seems extremely well-built, time will tell), flasks (the narrow mouth, though a little cumbersome to fill, makes them VERY comfortable in the pack. I will likely order 2 more), customer service (the folks at Naked are AWESOME and seem to be genuinely interested in making you happy!).

    Things I don’t like: looks like a bra (I’m mostly over this because it functions so well, but if you’re turned off by this look, it could be an issue), hydration flask drink tube kits (I got 2 of these from Naked, and I can't get them to stop leaking, so I gave up on them; I’ll have to give them a FAIL).

    Give this vest a try. It’s worth every penny they charge!

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