Naked® Running Band

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The waist belt that started it all. The original, high performance Naked® Running Band redefines how to carry fuel, fluids, accessories, or trekking poles.


  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Non chafing, bounce resistant Naked® Exopower mesh
  • Lightweight (2.3oz)
  • Holds multiple brands and sizes of hydration flasks
  • Carry energy gels, fuel bars, sunglasses, headlamp
  • Safely holds all sizes of smart phones
  • Reflective safety elements
  • Silicone grip loops for rain shell and trekking poles
  • Secure race number attachments
  • Internal micro clip
  • Full unisex range of 12 sizes
  • 2+ liters of capacity
  • Also available for Men


This product is Unisex. For more information on the product, and selecting your perfect fit from among our twelve sizes available, go to the:

Running Band Product Detail Page


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Naked® Running Band


Naked® Running Band


Customer Reviews

42 Reviews
  • Naked Band

    Posted by Sean on Mar 25th 2021

    I feel like I have owned just about every running belt/band that had been created and this is light years better than them all. I wear it for every run now whether it is 3 miles or 20. It is comfortable and does not budge at all. I pack it with my phone, gels, keys, and sometimes even 2 soft water bottles and I barely know it’s there. Awesome product

  • greatest running belt without comparison

    Posted by Dave on Mar 6th 2021

    i really hate vests. i will do anything to run long distances without them. i've tried every kind of running belt and fanny pak with varying degrees of success, but ultimately they would all ride up and bounce, especially when running downhill which is when i want to go my fastest and forget about the stupid gear glued to me.

    enter: the Naked belt. no kidding, why did it take me so long to try this? a couple friends recommended it, i finally sized myself and ordered one. it's PERFECT. there should be a nobel prize for this invention. i have successfully fit: 500mL of water, a water filter, my phone (iphone11 with hard case), a small blue tooth speaker, my keys, 1200+ calories, and a wind breaker stuffed in the loops in this thing... *without any bounce or riding whatsoever*... can you even imagine it? the freedom, the joy... of running Naked! add a handheld and a couple creek crossings and i can easily knock out 20+ mile runs vestless.

    if you're looking for the perfect running belt, look no further... grab that garment tape and size up, size your friend up too cus you'll wanna buy them one for xmas.

  • love this thing

    Posted by Sean on Feb 17th 2021

    It's kinda mindblowing how much it holds. Gloves, hat, jacket, flask, bounce...very comfortable. Really easy to just put it on, load it up, and head out the door. What's not to love? Well, one thing (and it's probably user error) my hyrdrapak ultraflask leaks when I put it in. The belt holds it quite securely, but pushes on the valve where you drink. If I'm not careful when I put it in, it sprays everywhere, and sometimes it's hard to get it positioned just right so that there's no leakage. As soon as I drink a bit, the problem goes away, so I've started just filling it 80% full and that (mostly) solves the problem. Maybe it's they type of flask I'm using.

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