Naked® Running Band

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The waist belt that started it all. The original, high performance Naked® Running Band redefines how to carry fuel, fluids, accessories, or trekking poles.


  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Non chafing, bounce resistant Naked® Exopower mesh
  • Lightweight (2.3oz)
  • Holds multiple brands and sizes of hydration flasks
  • Carry energy gels, fuel bars, sunglasses, headlamp
  • Safely holds all sizes of smart phones
  • Reflective safety elements
  • Silicone grip loops for rain shell and trekking poles
  • Secure race number attachments
  • Internal micro clip
  • Full unisex range of 12 sizes
  • 2+ liters of capacity
  • Also available for Men


This product is Unisex. For more information on the product, and selecting your perfect fit from among our twelve sizes available, go to the:

Running Band Product Detail Page


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Naked® Running Band


Naked® Running Band


Customer Reviews

72 Reviews
  • Naked Running Band

    Posted by David Barnes on Oct 20th 2021

    The band fits nice and snug as it should! Initially I was worried I had gotten the wrong size, but after one use it was clear that the design and sizing is done very well, to ensure that nothing moves.
    The band is amazingly versatile, and can accommodate almost anything you need to carry. I've carried 2-3 flasks, gels, keys and more in half marathon settings, and it worked perfectly.

  • Snug fit

    Posted by Mark A. on Oct 14th 2021

    This is really a great product. I love the snug fit and ability to just stuff things into the belt. Retrieval is easy - no zippers to worry about or concerns with scratching your phone in pouch. The biggest challenge was getting the proper fit. I'm definitely on the larger side (36 waist by Gap Jeans measurement) but I had to return my initial size 11 and go with the 12. But had I gone by the provided measuring tool, I would not have fit in any of the bands. Regardless, once you get fitted, you'll enjoy the snug nature of the belt but ample space to stuff things away. I use this for my daily runs and will be using it for a half marathon very soon.

  • Naked Belt

    Posted by Mica Werner on Sep 29th 2021

    1. As a woman with hips I immediately found this a challenge to pull up over my hips without inadvertently compromising the stretch by stretching it too far.
    2. I utilized the Naked soft flasks, which are great to drink from, but are very cumbersome to get in and out of the belt. I tried using 2 soft flasks, and made it work, but it was not ideal in terms of ease of removing and replacing the flasks from the belt.
    3. It was truly difficult to find/grab items out of the belt when I had layers hanging over the belt. I ran in the ran so needed a jacket on. Unless I stopped I had great difficulty getting items in and out while negotiating the jacket.
    To be fair, I run long distances and now that I've tested the limitations of this belt can see how it will be great for shorter runs where I don't need as much hydration or food/supplies. It mostly stayed in place and even if it shifted it was snug enough not to bounce. The materials is high quality. And I like the race bib toggle things.

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