Marcus Smith

naked-athlete-template-0026-marcus-smith.pngMARCUS SMITH


BIO: Marcus is not new to running have run 30 marathons in 30 days in 2018, he has numerous ultra marathons to his name most notably Marathon Des Sables. When Marcus is not running or doing other extreme challenges he is the founder of fitness company InnerFight and co founder of food company Smith St Paleo both based in Dubai which Marcus has called home for the last 36 years. Marcus’s vision for his companies and for life is to “help people get better at life” and get people to realize they have huge potential.


FAVORITE Naked® PRODUCT: Favorite Naked product is the running band. I used this every single day during my 30 marathons and it just works perfect. I wear it for pretty much every run I do. Water, nutrition, phone…gooooo!!!

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